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My Story

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On June 16th, 2005 I heard the word that rocks anybody’s world; I was diagnosed with cancer, Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer.

It began with me not feeling well; I was tired all the time. I could not shake a cold; I just did not feel good. While we were moving into a new house, I hurt my back moving a china cabinet, I wrote it off as a muscle spasm, however, it did not go away, and I was also loosing weight. I finally went to a doctor who ordered x-rays and an MRI of my back. The results were not good, I had 5 compressed disks and 3 compression fractures, in other words I had a broken back. He also said that I needed a complete physical, as this was not normal for a 42 year old (at that time) man. The next day I had a physical with bloodwork, my hemoglobin was down to 5.7, normal is 11.5-18; they thought I was bleeding internally. I was rushed to the hospital where my blood volume had dropped to 5.4 and was close to going into a coma. They could not find any internal bleeding, but the ER doctor had a suspicion; he called in an oncologist to run some tests, the tests came back positive for Multiple Myeloma stage 3, the end stage. During my week-long stay, I received 6 units of blood and began radiation treatments. Also, they said I was in renal failure (kidney), miracle number one, my kidneys are functioning at 100% and there is no evidence of renal disease; it was reversed before I was discharged from the hospital. 

As a side note this is not the first time the enemy has tried to take me out. When I was 6 weeks old I was almost struck by lighting. In December of 1993 while living in Dallas Texas I was hit head on in a car accident. I was thrown through the windshield head first, my seatbelt broke on impact. I woke up in the ambulance with a sheet over my face.

My doctor referred me to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa; both doctors (at home and at the cancer center) agreed that I needed stem cell transplants in order to save my life. During that time, my weight plummeted from 210 pounds to 155; I was literally skin and bones. I had to have blood transfusions every few days in order to keep me alive. One important thing we did every night, was to take communion; we understand there is healing in the body and healing in the blood of Jesus.

In Feb. of 06, I received the first of two stem cell transplants along with high dose chemotherapy. I lost all of my hair and the weight I had put back on, the first transplant kept me in the hospital for 5 weeks, I came home to recover; during that time, I went into remission, which rarely happens after the first transplant, it is meant to slow the progression of the disease down. But I had people praying for me nationwide, and I refused (along with my family) to give up and die, God gave me a word while I was in the hospital, "Son, this sickness will not end in death, you will have to go through some things, but it will all be for My glory!". God gives us a promise to encourage us as we go through the process of receiving His promise! My wife said this to me, “God wants to heal you more than you want to be healed”. I needed to join my faith to His desire.

In June of 06, I received the second transplant, all did not go well, I had an allergic reaction to the high dose chemotherapy, I had an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics they had started me on, I also had an outbreak of herpes simplex virus (Chicken Pox, or Shingles) in my esophagus and stomach. The combination suppressed my immune system and almost killed me. But God had said I would not die and we hung on to His word; His word was and still is my confession. Psalms 107:20, Psalms 118:17, Psalms 103:2-5, Matt 18:19-20, & 1 Peter 2:24, and many more scriptures we held fast to. After a 7 week stay in isolation at Moffitt, I was just strong enough to be released to go home to recuperate.

In November, I made faith plans (I was still feeling the effects of the treatments) to return to the pulpit and on Dec. 10th 2006 I did, in fact, my oncologist and one of her nurses was in attendance. To digress, I had asked my doctor early in November when I could return to preaching, she said “Anytime, because there is healing in the service.”

In early January of 2007 after a complete blood work up the doctor wrote on my chart "No evidence of cancer found.", But before we received the word from the doctor, I found in the Word of God, Nahum 1:9 " What do you conspire against the LORD? He will make an utter end of it. Affliction will not rise up a second time."NKJV

That scripture became a life-giving word for me even before we received the word from the doctor, it was the report of the Lord, then in late Jan. after a check up the doctor (Dr. Hema Rao) looked at the lab work and said "You are healed"! In fact the doctor appointments that followed kept getting better and better, still no cancer!

It was a long, long road but for God’s mercy and grace I am still here. My wife, Valerie, and children were by my side the entire time; in fact, Valerie stayed in the hospital each time, rarely leaving the room. God has blessed me and, yes, touched me, 17years of ministry (At that time) could not prepare me for what I went through, but thank God for His Word in my heart, and faith in Him that He still heals and delivers. We had a promise from the Lord and prayers from friends, family, and people we did not know, helped pull us through.

There were many lessons we have learned from this ordeal, one of which is “Out of great misery can come great ministry”. "All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28