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Pastors & People Are saying


I was recently was able to view The Decision, where do I begin with this?

It makes you think and think hard about the everyday decisions you make and the possible repercussions behind them.

A great story of good vs. evil. To me it will make you think about your salvation if you have not yet accepted Him as Lord and at the same time if you have accepted Him I believe The Decision will bring you that much closer to our Lord. Like it did me.

Craig Boyce, Suffolk VA  (Craig passed away 5/3/14)


Jerry West is anointed!  His no non-sense approach to teaching and preaching the Word of God is both refreshing and rejuvenating.  Jerry's personal testimony had a profound effect in raising the level of faith of our congregation.  Every emotion was felt and our spirit man lifted as he proclaimed with zest and vigor that Jesus Christ is Lord regardless of our present circumstance or situation.  The Body of Christ will be built up unto a more perfect man when having Jerry West Ministries come to your church!

 Merton L. Clark, Pastor Truth Revealed Ministries, Inc. Palm Bay, FL. www.truthrevealed.org

Warm Greetings in the Precious and Wonderful name of Jesus!
Thank you for your ministry here this past weekend. Your message to our men on Saturday and to our entire congregation this morning was nothing short of outstanding. You were well received and a blessing to all. Again, Thanks!

Lynna and I enjoyed our time of fellowship with you and are looking forward to doing more ministry and fellowship again in the future.

In His Service,
Bill Roberts Senior Pastor
Christ Chapel Woodbridge, VA www.christchapel.org

This letter is to recommend Jerry West.  Jerry worked with me for 7 years as apart of Strike Force International.  During that time he submitted himself to a learning agenda as a man of God, not only to personally grow and develop himself, but to rise above being an individual contributor through the use of his God given gifts and talents, but he became a team player with my organization.

Strike Force traveled extensively throughout the United States of America and in different parts of the world helping local churches to reach beyond its doors to the local community and particularly the public schools of America.  Team Strike Force became an extension of the local church as an evangelistic tool and arm into the marketplace and literally hundreds of thousands of people were impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jerry not only worked as a Team member, but helped to organize large and small events and eventually became one of the team leaders.  During his 7 years of distinguished service with Team Strike Force, he proved himself as a man of God, a faithful husband and father and minister of the gospel.

Several years ago, Jerry received a diagnosis that no one ever wants to hear…Cancer of the worst kind…blood cancer.  God has miraculously touched him and now through personal and professional brokenness he has been qualified by God to bring hope where there is no hope.

From his experience as a well-traveled evangelist who not only worked with a team, but helped churches all over America to reach people beyond the reach of most church cultures and programs…to NOW, a walking miracle, God has given this man of God an arsenal of life experience to help any church, anywhere fulfill the Great Commission.

I whole-heartedly encourage you to consider utilizing Jerry West to inspire the brokenhearted, encourage the down trodden and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the captive.  You will not be disappointed.  More than a professional preacher, Jerry is authentic with a simple message and powerful testimony of God’s power. Please feel free to call on me personally and if you would like to know more about who I am and what we are doing to advance God’s Kingdom at Elevate Life Church in Frisco, Texas, visit our website www.elevatelife.com

Thank you for your time and consideration of Jerry West.

Everyday with Excellence,

Pastor Keith A. Craft Lead Pastor, Elevate Life Church


We recently invited Jerry West to spend a rather lengthy morning with us
where he ministered in both a Breakfast for Champions and the Sunday morning
worship service.  He was definitely ready for the challenge.  The last time
he was with us was many years ago when he was leading the Strike Force team.
Just briefly what I want to say is that Jerry really does want to be
what I'll describe as a stimulant to help the Body of Christ grow into her
full potential.  Each local Church or part of the Body of Christ is a little
unique because of culture, background and even in the specific way in which
they represent Christ to the community.  I have seen first hand Jerry's
desire to see what God is doing in a place and simply get behind that and
push in that direction.  He can be a tremendous catalyst to minister to the
personal needs of people as well as speaking a timely message corporately.
He isn't the type of person to just come and do his thing, although he
could.  He's really concerned about people.  What I've mentioned here are a
few ingredients I feel are important and that people are searching for
today.  If you're looking for or need a spark of some sort - or wanting
someone to come who really cares about the Lord and his people.  Then, Jerry
is that type of person.  Growing ever closer to the Lord and moving ahead
to the next level is what Jerry is seeking personally and that heart simply
spreads to wherever he ministers.

James Yoder Lead Pastor, Berlin Christian Fellowship, Berlin Ohio  www.bcfellowship.com



Jerry West is a person of excellence and brings a message of hope and
freedom to the Body of Christ.  Your congregation will be encouraged to
believe God for the impossible and to reach for their God given destiny.
Jerry is passionate, prophetic and powerfully anointed to move in the gifts
of healing and revelation.  He is an accomplished speaker and author using
motivational techniques to empower people to move from where they are into
the place God wants them to be."

Kevin R. Bishop, Sr. Pastor Cornerstone Community Church, Wisconsin Rapids, WI www.rapidschurch.com


Jerry West Ministries comes with a powerful blend of knowledge and experience gleaned from a wide variety of secular and ministry-related arenas.

In the seventeen years that I have been acquainted with Jerry, he has lived out his faith both in and out of the spotlight. Jerry and Valerie are real people
who have experienced not only “green pastures”, but also “the valley of the shadow of death”, and they have learned how to fight fear.

Their compassion for the needs of others and their practical approach to motivating the believer to find and fulfill his purpose are key ingredients that make their ministry so effective.

When Jerry has ministered in the local church, he has always been submissive to the individual preference of the pastor.

He is always a blessing to the church body as he both seriously and humorously inspires and challenges the people through the preaching of the Word of God and
sharing his personal experiences. We always look forward to Jerry coming to Gateway.

I can highly recommend Jerry West Ministries to you and your local church.

Jeff Krist Lead Pastor

GateWay Assembly Imlay City, MI  www.gatewayassembly.com



Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  

Thank you, Brother, for your ministry of God's Holy Word.  The congregation readily received your instruction and were blessed by your testimony of God's healing power. I especially appreciated your humble spirit and servant's heart which you exhibited, even as you preached the Word with authority. God bless you. 

Your friend in Christ,

Grant Thigpen, Senior Pastor New Hope Ministries Naples Florida  www.newhopeministries.org

"I have been blessed to know Jerry West for 18 years. His ministry truly speaks for itself. I have heard many evangelists speak but few produce the fruit that Jerry's ministry has. A Pastor's worst nightmare is handing over the pulpit to someone they are unsure about. I am never hesitant to hand mine to Jerry. I highly recommend Jerry West along with his wife Valerie for any ministry opportunity."

Pastor Matt Thrasher Crossroads Church, Belton Texas www.crcbelton.com



It was a pleasure to have Jerry West minister in our church recently. His candor, humor, and miraculous recovery from cancer kept even the teen population in absolute attention.

If you have opportunity to host this powerful ministry in your church, I would absolutely encourage you to do so! Your church will benefit tremendously from this man’s ministry.

In Christ,

Pastor Dennis Miller, co pastor  Cathedral of the Palms, Corpus Christi Texas

I recently invited Jerry West to hold four day's of special meetings at our church, River of Life Christian Fellowship, Durant, Oklahoma.  It was a great time of ministry and moving of the Lord. Jerry is dear friend of our's and has been for many years.  He has always ministered very effectively and sincerely for the Lord.  Jerry is such a joy to be around and our people love him.  I highly recommend him to minister. I know that he will bless any church congregation and affiliations etc. are not a hindrance to him. He comes from a long line of ministers and is sensitive to the issues that pastors have concerns about. It is my privilege to say he is my friend, but especially, he is committed to, and in touch with the Lord Jesus.

In His Love and Service

Rev Douglas R. Lott II Founder and Senior Pastor River of Life Christian Fellowship, Durant OK   


Jerry West is a man after God’s own heart... What a pleasure to have Jerry and his beautiful wife Valerie be a part of our Church Family.  His testimony and the word from his heart are inspiring, and challenge some of the traditions of men that many of us walk in.  Mark 7:8-9 You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men."  And he said to them: "You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!  Your congregation/family will be encouraged, blessed, and challenged by the words from his heart.  I fully agree with those who say that he is powerfully anointed to move in the gifts of healing and revelation. 

Van Sowerby, Sr. Pastor, Fairlawn Baptist Church, Fort Pierce, Florida

We recently had Pastor Jerry West here at Voice For Jesus Church and he brought a great word from the Lord. Our people were really blessed by his visit.  I was truly inspired. He gave his testimony about how the Lord completely healed him of terminal cancer. It was really a great morning at the church. He gave an invitation for prayer and everyone except four people came forward. I have never seen that happen. Every chair was empty. And he prayed for all the people. I look forward to having him back. If you are thinking of having him at your church I am sure that you and your people will be blessed. He and his lovely wife showed great respect and integrity for my position as Pastor. There is no reason you would regret having him. So if you are considering it I would highly recommend Pastor Jerry West.


Pastor Wayne Cochran Sr Pastor, Voice For Jesus Church Miami FL  www.voiceforjesus.org


Rev. Jerry West preached at my church last Sunday, August 3rd, 2008. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading was very evident by the subject of his message the Spirit gave him. That credential alone of intensive listening to God for His truth is one Godly quality, among many others, that is prompting me today to recommend Pastor West to your fellowship as a guest pastor-teacher. I and our church heartily commend this dear brother and his wife Valerie to you for your prayerful consideration before God as to His leading in using Jerry and Valerie within their anointed ministry, Jerry West Ministries!

Pastor Mark P. Patterson Alliance Community Church, Sebastian FL.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you coming to Polk County FL to speak at our Faith Leader’s breakfast. The feedback we have received has been great; we truly enjoyed meeting you and hearing your presentation. Again, thank you so much for helping us make a difference here in Polk County Florida. There should be more people like you!

Terri Chambers, Healthy Start Coalition, Winter Haven FL



In memory of Pastor Jack Hart

Jerry West’s message is both timely and dynamic; he is anointed as he shares his heart with the congregation. Jerry needs to be heard all over this nation; it will certainly bring hope and encouragement to everyone, everywhere, especially those who are in a crisis situation. Your congregation will be challenged to reach toward God with renewed hope and more determined faith.

Jack E. Hart, Sr. Pastor New Hope Ministries, Vero Beach, Florida 

The drama 'The Decision' with Jerry West that my church participated in was an awesome experience. My dad whom is not a Christian was very impressed with the play and the message that it brought across. Hopefully this will change his life! I played a woman whose son kills his step-dad. This was a very dramatic piece to the drama. The woman and her son find salvation. I'm thankful to have been part of this drama with Jerry West’s' direction and help. I believe that it is very powerful and soul-winning.

It's exactly what this world needs!

Nikki Walker, Lawrenceburg, KY



Between the dates of July, 18th thru the 20th, I was given the privilege and honor of working with one of the greatest men of God that I have ever known. On these dates, a cast was trained to act out a realistic war that has been going on between God and Satan since the beginning of time. The setting is in today’s society with the violence that happens on a daily basis. Jerry has been given a great gift in recognizing the truth and seeing the light in what's happening. Everyday we are given a decision on what we should do and everyday we have a voice to listen to. Who we decide to listen to is up to us.
The drama is The Decision. A father is faced with deciding whether he should change his ways for the good and listen to Christ Jesus. He fails and listens to the deceiver known as Satan. In the end he is shot and killed by his stepson and is greeted by Satan and his legion of demons in Hell. Another in the drama is also sent to Hell for making poor decisions. A young girl is lying on her deathbed after a bad decision to have an abortion. She is given a word by a saint of Christ and chooses to follow Christ. She then dies and goes on to be with Jesus in heaven.
The drama is a reality brought to life from the perspective of Jesus and Satan in a way to awake today’s society. We should realize that we fight a spiritual battle, as well as, a physical one daily. Listen to God’s voice and do not allow Satan to deceive us. This drama was powerful and meaningful to all that came out to see it and take part in it. Seeds were planted and lives were changed along with my own.

 Robert Walker, Lawrenceburg KY



Participating in this production was very eye-opening. Especially, playing a pregnant teenager in a community with such a high teen pregnancy rate. So many girls and women are living that reality today! This play is an awesome reminder that we don’t have to live with the pain, humiliation, and shame of our mistakes. Our God is a god of love and forgiveness. And, in the end, His opinion of you is the ONLY one that matters. “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” He wants what is best for you, and every human being needs His grace. Thank you, Jerry, for your obedience in your ministry. Keep on doing what you’re doing! Please, never stop being the tool that you are in God’s kingdom. It’s making a difference. Also, a big “Thanks” to Trinity Church of God for inviting Open Bible Church to help spread The Word.

Emily Brewer, Frankfort KY



Well the decision is really great drama it brought me closer to the people at my church and it made an impact on me and to the community. I thought it was really great and I wish I could rehearse the play every day an keep doing it was really great seeing people get saved and people making the decision to change theirs and other people life’s.

Mathew Kuhn, Lawrenceburg KY


The drama "The Decision" is fantastic! It really shows modern day time scenarios, very realistic! The drama hits home to people and changes their lives. You have to make a decision in your life if you want to live your life for God or live your life for the Devil. I personally was in this drama and it makes you think about your relationship with God. It made me want to get closer to God and made my faith stronger. It felt great to be apart of this drama and to watch people come and give their hearts to The Lord. It's truly a soul winning drama! This is the most powerful drama I have ever seen or participated in. The drama relates to old and young men and women. This drama will impact and change your life but the reality is, we ALL have to make "The Decision

 Casey Carpenter, Lawrenceburg KY


I went to see "The Decision" last Saturday night in Lawrenceburg, Ky. I just want you to know that we enjoyed the play. There are not many ministries that will take the point of view of the Devil and use it to make a valid point. Seems like the only thing preached these days is the "feel good" stuff that brings in money for the ministries. They spread the message: Oh everyone is going to heaven...God is pleased with everyone and everything. Well that is not true and it is not biblical and "The Decision" proves that point. No one wants to preach on hell, Satan and sin this day in age. It's not "popular sermons" so most preachers shy away from it (and they are not doing us any favors by doing so)."The Decision" makes valid points all through the play. Points that are for the modern times. Heaven is real and Hell is real too. A decision must be made before we leave Earth. Jerry West is trying to get people to make the right decision so we can all be with our Lord and Savior forever.


In closing, I would like to say that Jerry West played "Satan" very well. He made the emotion rise up in me at some points during the play that I would have liked to have smacked his head off his shoulders (Satan's head, that is, not Jerry's...LOL). The play kept my attention the whole time. At the end, when Jesus comes out victorious (as we all know will really happen), I just wanted to cheer and Praise God! I had already made my decision 10 years ago. But for someone who is lost, this play is a good reminder to them that they need to make their decision too as time is running out. The night I attended the play, two souls were saved. That is what it is all about folks! Thank you Jerry for coming all the way to Lawrenceburg, KY! We wish you the best in everything you do and with your ministry. Keep on keeping on brother! May God bless you today and always!

Diana Monroe, Lawrenceburg KY



We think it is a great drama it hits people where they live with what's going on in our world and society. It would be worthwhile for people and churches to come out and see this drama for themselves, it would be an eye opener to the old and the young alike. It was one of the greatest dramas we have attended. Let them make the right " Decision".

Mike and Tammy Carpenter, Lancaster KY



I had the wonderful opportunity to help out and perform in "The Decision" and it was fantastic!

Impact Church is a firm believer that God is in the arts. He created it! I believe that we can use the arts to reach people and tell stories in ways that maybe they didn't understand before. It's a beautiful and effective way to evangelize to our community. It was such a pleasure to work with Jerry West and together we touched the lives of many on Easter Sunday. Can't wait to do another one!


Calysta Rivera, Miami FL



In 24 years of ministry, I’ve seen ministries come and go.

I’ve seen many grow big and fast and die just the same. Partnering with a constant and stable ministry is a privilege and a joy. JWM (Jerry West Ministries) is one of those. With a pure heart to reach people for Christ and encourage pastors and churches, JWM successfully accomplishes its mandate through preaching and teaching God’s word and edifying and training church leaders.

One of their main tools in their arsenal is “The Decision.” “The Decision” is a theatrical presentation written and produced by Jerry and Valerie West. It’s an “in your face,” realistic presentation of decisions that effect our place in eternity. By using congregants as actors, JWM utilizes congregational involvement in evangelism and soul winning. It becomes a win – win for you church!
Pastor Manny Rivera, Impact Church - Miami, Florida www.impact_church.tv



In 2010 and 2011 I had the privilege of playing the role of Jesus in The Decision. It was such an honor to be a part of this ministry not only because of the lives that we saw changed but for the personal impact it had on my life. It felt good to throw the devil in the floor - literally, haha - but I also gained such confidence in who Christ is in me! Thank you, Jerry West, for affording me this opportunity!

May God continue to bless you and your ministry abundantly!
Ben Martin, Navarre FL



Jerry, It was good to see you after all those years. I really enjoyed working with you then and I enjoyed working with you now. Your show ' THE DECISION' is very powerful and enlightening. You left no stone unturned as you dealt with many problems we face on a daily basis. Jerry, you are truly anointed and your show is awesome. Everyone should be able to see 'THE DECISION'

 Mark, New Orleans LA


I have been saved for many years now, and saw "The Decision" for the first time at Homstead Baptist last week. I have never seen a production quite like this. Not a day goes by that I don't think of it and some of the emotions that I have had. It is definitely a must see if you want to see the real you. I can't thank you enough for coming to our church.

 Linda Ayers, Kannaoplis NC


Jerry West's The Decision is a timely and relative production with what is going on in today's society. It demonstrates how easily and quickly the devil can sneak into our lives. The Decision can save lives and shows how easy it is to allow Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life. Every person over the age of accountability needs to see this production. WHAT A BLESSING.

 Amy James Harris

VP, CFO of Between His Shoulders Ministries & Co Pastor of True Life Assembly of God Patterson GA


"Jerry West is a breath of fresh air even to someone like myself who has been pastoring for 40 years. As pastors, we often meet people who are talented but have an ego the size of Texas.

Jerry is intelligent, yet humble. He is talented, but he is also cooperative, easy to get along with, unassuming, and undemanding. Jerry has gone through the test of time and come out a winner.

Jerry West is driven to expose Satan and expand the kingdom of God, building your ministry in the process. I urge you to open the doors of your house to him and have The Decision or the

"Full Armor of God Conference" soon. You will not be disappointed. His presentations are powerfully impactful, as well as informational, and inspirational. He will have a profound affect on your congregation, young and old alike. I am honored, not only to call Jerry a co-laborer in the harvest, but a dear friend. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours In His Exciting Service,

Dr. Barry Lee Weddle" (http://www.drbarrylee.com/)




Thank you for bringing the drama "The Decision" to our church (Real Life Church, Macon, Ga.). I work in the media dept. of our church and watching the drama, and working the camera and other things, I really loved it each night I watched it. I still even watching the video afterwards would tear up each time and cheer on Jesus at the end. And the 50 plus people who were saved during the 3 day performance was the reason for the drama after all. May GOD bless you and keep on bringing the word out to others. We are looking to see you again possible next year to bring this great drama to others to see. I just watched the video again and the spirit was there and tears and praise came over me. Again thank you for "The Decision".

Ronald, Macon GA



As the Lead Pastor at GateWay, I conducted an “Interview with the Devil” in one of our Sunday night services.  That service turned out to be one of the most memorable one in my almost 13 years of ministry at the church. The interview was so engaging and dynamic – from his voice to his look – that our people our still talking about it. They tell me they wished they had brought relatives and friends with them as it helped them so much to understand better what satan is all about.

 I would recommend to any church having Jerry West with you to do “Interview with the Devil” without any reservation. It will be a time that you and your church will not forget!


Jeff Krist, Lead Pastor                                                                                          

GateWay Imlay City, MI




This production makes all others look like a sixth grade Sunday school skit!
Pastor Dale Wommack, Cathedral of the Palms, Corpus Christi TX

 Hi Pastor Jerry,

I just wanted to extend another thank you to you and your wife for coming and ministering to 180 with "The Decision." I know that some of the students didn’t take it seriously, but I also know that many of them did. Again Thank you for coming and ministering and I pray that God will continue to bless you and your wife with this wonderful powerful ministry...

Carlee Baker- Riverside Church, Sebastian FL Drama Coordinator

Reverend Jerry:
Growing up in church, I just wanted to say to you, that the message portrayed in

"THE DECISION" is unlike any I have ever seen. The power and the story that is conveyed to us through you and the church is amazing. I believe you got it right on. That which we cannot see is in a battle for our soul every second. Thank you for looking at things from the "other" side to let us see how it "really" is....Great Work !!

Lisa Barron -Columbus GA


As I sat watching the Decision I am convinced that as Christians that we need to activate our Faith even the more.  We have allowed the devil to come into our churches, homes, circumstances, and situations and take control.  When the devil in this play stated the things he was going to do, and after that statement he said and there is nothing you can do about it.  It stirred up something in me.  As Christians we must stand up for Christ in our everyday life so that others maybe drawn to Christ just by the way we live or what we say. 


In the play the devil said 'yes they prayed but never once did they bind the devil out'.  It's true we pray for the Lord to get us out of the circumstances but we fail to bind the devil out in Jesus' name.

This is an excellent play and I believe that those who have not excepted Christ in their lives after watching this they will make the right decision....  That is excepting our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ into their lives.

Sherry Brown, Titusville FL



After watching the Decision I am convinced that this play demonstrated real life applications of genuine situations in ones everyday life.  The devil is a liar & the father of it, but this play showed us how cunning, persuasive & deceitful he is & it shows us how weak & faithless we are when we are placed in certain circumstances and  forget or refuse to trust God.  This play will help us to build a closer relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & prompt the non-believer to be saved & accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & personal Savior.  May God continue to richly bless you and yours in this wonder & excellent presentation. 

 I am without a doubt convinced that those who would truly watch this play will indeed make the right Decision.

Walter Brown, Jr. Titusville FL


Pastor Jerry was awesome. It scares me to see Pastor Jerry made up like that, but I know the man behind the make up, he’s a wonderful person. God choose the right person to teach his word. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Machelle Darley, Vero Beach FL

Dear  Jerry:
Thank you for bringing your play, "The Decision" to our church in Port Charlotte. A few weeks before the play, we met with the family of a 20 year old girl who was pregnant with twins that went into a coma and never recovered. I was able to use a scene in the play to comfort the family. Two teen boys were in a serious car accident where the driver lost his life. The police believe they were out drinking alcohol and driving. The impact of decisions is fresh in our minds.
The play truly opened the eyes of both Christians and non-Christians to the real struggle between good and evil over decisions we make every day. Your portrayal of Satan's slick and seductive invitation to decide on his team is excellent. No one left the play unaware.
However, we did not leave defeated or overwhelmed either. The triumph of Jesus Christ was so superbly demonstrated by Scott, who is one of our young adult members.
This young man has stood for Christ even with discouragement and all kinds of generational barriers.

We were all blessed to see the confidence and strength rise in him as he represented our Lord.

Jerry, the opportunity for so many of our members to work together and use their gifts in this way was a huge benefit to our church. In fact, that's one of the key reasons why we are doing the play again later this month. We are better prepared to use the play as a outreach tool for reaching lost souls in our community.
Thanks again to you and Valerie; we will see you soon.


Pastor Peter Burnett
Port Charlotte International Church