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Why stay stuck.

Take personal inventory, who or what is adding value? Someone very wise said, "There are four different kinds of people in our lives, multipliers, dividers, adders and subtractors." Remove the dividers and subtractors from your life, as much as is possible.

Take personal responsibility. Stop blaming others. Assume full responsibility and if you are saying,” What if it's not my fault?"  Learn from the experience and let it go. Don't get stuck wondering what you could have said or done differently, learn from it, move on and do better next time. Because there will always be a "next time", God gives us many opportunities to get it right.

Adam in the garden said “God, it’s the woman you gave me.” Sin entered the picture and the first excuse came from man, yes, a man. Excuses are often well-crafted lies, he blamed the woman God gave him, and in reality, he blamed God. Adam refused to see his own sin and blamed others.

Take responsibility, own your issues, look for a solution and see things change.